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How to find deleted objectReferences in Papryus

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I have objects persisting even though they've been deleted and the linked keywords were removed. So, they aren't going to be returned if I select a workshop and use GetLinkedRefChildren(WorkshopItemKeyword). 

In FallrimTools they'll show up as just changeforms while in game if I select using prid they'll show with the [T] [PP] and [D] tags; temporary persistence, papyrus placed, and deleted(?) or disabled(?). They are both deleted and disabled and dppi shows nothing. I can use 'fp' (forcepersistence) to toggle and remove persistence manually but I need a way to write a cleanup script. I only have some I know about and could remove but there are many more.

There is no 'fp' command in papyrus so figuring that out is the second problem. In the console I can use 'fp' to toggle persistence and the deleted item is immediately removed from the game but I don't know how to do that in Papyrus.

Thanks for any assistance.

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