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Does the yellow mountain flower not being plantable count as a bug?

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Source just in case - I tried searching for "Yellow Mountain Flower" on the forum here and found nothing.

So the yellow mountain flower, unlike the other 3 mountain flowers, can't be planted. I assume it has to do with it being added by a DLC.

Gameplay-wise, it's not an overpowered ingredient  at all. Lore-wise, it's not described being difficult to grow or rare like Nirnroot. It's also not found in a very unique ecosystem like the Forgotten vale.  It's found growing in the ancestor glade and later the Volhikar courtyard.

Thoughts on making it plantable? I could understand the hesitance to do it because none of the DLC plants are plantable, but of all of them, the yellow mountain flower is pretty much the only one that is found growing regularly above ground in skyrim. The fact that it's not integrated into another DLC feature on the special edition is close enough to a bug in my opinion.

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