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Can't save or exit Shamrock Taphouse - molerat bug

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I've observed an interesting behaviour in the Shamrock Taphouse while performing the Rufus quest to retrieve the micro-brewery protectron. 

It is possible to explore the entire interior with the exception of the final room without buggy behaviour. However, once you enter that room you cannot save nor leave the cell without the game completely freezing. It just entirely locks up.  (Even with a console command save the screen simply locks up)

The effect is very similar to something I experienced in Vault 81 during the "Hole in the wall" quest. - exit from there was not possible after a certain point through the map and if I recall correctly the game also stops creating saves at that same point. 

My feeling is that it is related to the molerat ambush, but of course there may be a trigger marker for that ambush which also triggers the glitch. 

It was possible for me to use TCL and clip through the wall as far away from the door/molerats as possible and collect the password holotape and interact with the protectron. If doing this, and therefore not triggering the ambush it was also possible to create a save and also leave the cell without issue. 

I think I created the glitch also by shooting through a hole in the wall which creates an explosion and triggers or kills some of the molerats without entering the room. 

Throwing a grenade from the door (effect= trigger/kill molerats) resulted in an instant freeze/crash.

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I don't play Fallout 4, but the game does save by generating the Autosave.ess (Elderscrolls Save) file and that always happen when playing Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim.

Have you checked to see what files the game generates when changing cells?

I think the game always generate a Autosave file when changing a cell, unless that's configured in the Fallout 4.ini file at least I assume such a ini file exist.

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The game freezes when you either try to save (quicksave, named save via console command etc) or when you try to exit the cell (which indeed triggers an autosave) 

However, this is a symptom of the bug rather than the cause. 

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