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Far Harbour Hunting the Hunter courser dialogue

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Ok. I'm not logging this as a bug yet because I don't know if it is one but...

I'm doing Far Harbour before I have completed the FO4 main questline. 

I receive a quest from Acadia NPC Dejen to track and kill a courser on the island. Which I do. But when I find this courser he remains green, allows me to approach without going aggro and then he addresses me as I am a superior. 

I know the main quest story but....I haven't even been to the institute yet. Indeed the last thing I did in the commonwealth was find and kill the other courser, so at present I am hypothetically a courser killer and thus an enemy and a threat. 

Is this just lazy NPC writing where it was assumed by the developers that everybody would have completed the main questline before going to far harbour? (if so, why even unlock it until a certain main quest threshold has been reached?) or am I missing something? DO I have a glitched game and there actually IS dialogue or a response I am not getting?

(another thing I've noticed. Trappers don't seem to have any dialogue if you pacify them. If you speak to them once they are pacified they become mute.)



OK, I've just finished the questline for Far Harbor and just started recruiting settlers. Dialogue where it exists is shonky as hell, including computer generated voices rather than voice acting. I guess it was just really rushed and this would explain all of the above.  

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