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X4 Foundations - GOG / Steam Relz 30-11-18

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For the uninitiated the X series has been an amazing space game with good longevity. I still have X3 Albion Prelude installed.

It is releasing on GOG today (I just checked my account and the files are not ready to download yet).

GOG page - https://www.gog.com/game/x4_foundations


You cant land on planets like you can in No Mans Sky with this game, but there are large space stations (you can build your own too), and you can fly / fight in any ship with many variattions of weapons while building your fleet and economical support.

The dog fighting in all previous games has been superb, I dont doubt this will be more of the same.

You need a Graphics card that supports Vulkan

Expect all bugs to be fixed within two years (Egosoft are another company historically that are pretty good at polishing up the game and not leaving bugs behind)

And the modding community is pretty good too (but usually the German side of the forum is where the more technically adept and dedicated community hangs out)


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I just did something which momentarily took me out of my comfort zone, but turned out to be quite a bit of an adventure.

I still have the starter ship, Elite Vanguard, landed on the Argon Equipment dock. I was wandering towards the Trader again when another larger ship landed nearby, the protection barriers fell so I went for a look see.

Went inside the ship to find a Teladi Captain at the helm, but did not talk to him, I wanted to turn and get off.

However at that moment the door shut, and the Captain was steering us out of the station - Hopefully he would be coming back otherwise I was not sure how I would get back (whether teleports work at long distance?, I dont know)

After just watching him travel across 3 systems trading luckily he did come back to the station where I became an unwitting stowaway - But would not land, he just stopped dead quite a way off and did not start any approach to the station.

I could not figure out why or even guess the AI intentions, so I went to the Teleport at the back of the ship. One choice was available, "Spacesuit". So I chose it and got ejected into space.

After a lot of maneuvering I managed to get close to my ship where it was docked inside the space station, but could not exit the space suit.

I right clicked my ship, and chose to dock with it, and thankfully even when landed, you can carefully move close enough to the belly of the ship to dock with it and be ported onboard again.

Though there is a bit of an immersion disjoint, in that if you exit the ship you can run around in simulated? gravity, where I was a moment earlier hovering around in a space suit gently adjusting thrusters, but I think I can get my head around it imagining grav boots when you are not in your spacesuit, and there is kind of an atmospheric seal on the area.

Awesome little experience though "Oh crap I got the wrong bus!" lol. Wish I took a video of the whole experience.


Edit : Oh and its now at v1.21 Hotfix 1

Edit 2 : Here's a good starter video for anyone new to X


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1.30 beta 1 now solves most laptop optimus setup problems (confusion as to which card is in use, Intel or the Dedicated GPU), plus a heap more :


Version 1.30 Beta 1 (323831)

  • Added graphics setting to show graphics card and screen separately on multi-GPU systems.
  • Added option to restore all default settings.
  • Added Nividium to items bought by Argon and Teladi trade stations.
  • Improved accuracy of turrets and gimballed weapons.
  • Improved skill gain profile for NPCs.
  • Improved station-based traders to sell products at at least the price set at their station.
  • Improved options for selling illegal wares.
  • Removed non-functional engine mod type.
  • Removed mining turret compatibility from Sunder.
  • Removed display of type icons for unknown objects on map.
  • Removed mouse cursor emulation in start menu.
  • Fixed searching for ware names to use the correct trade filter.
  • Fixed missing guidance information in Mission Manager
  • Fixed invasions stalling and starving the war missions of suitable situations.
  • Fixed illegal build plot for advanced gamestart "The Unworthy Entrepreneur".
  • Fixed player-owned ships sometimes dropping cargo without the player telling them to.
  • Fixed passengers or prisoners sometimes being promoted to captain thereby changing ship ownership.
  • Fixed turrets on M-sized ships flown by the player and set to attack all enemies not engaging hostile XS-sized ships.
  • Fixed case of patrolling ships failing to engage pirates pretending to belong to their faction.
  • Fixed police ships penalising unpaid plots in locations where they do not have police authority.
  • Fixed "Promote best crewmember" button not working if ship has no pilot and all crewmembers have 0 skills.
  • Fixed being able to recruit crew from NPC-owned capital ships.
  • Fixed another case of AutoTrade not functioning.
  • Fixed AutoMiners not selling the resources that they gather.
  • Fixed some player-owned ships not allowing you to dock.
  • Fixed L-sized turret and shieldgenerator blueprints not being available to the player.
  • Fixed certain collectables not being picked up when you fly over them.
  • Fixed ships stuck while docked awaiting an invalid build to complete.
  • Fixed characters being stuck in unhelpful places.
  • Fixed being able to clone crew members.
  • Fixed player logo being applied to HQ asteroid.
  • Fixed player HQ information menu not working after adding a production to the HQ.
  • Fixed missing dock areas on builder ships.
  • Fixed incorrect type of mines near gate in Eighteen Billion.
  • Fixed error incorrectly appearing if build is completed.
  • Fixed asteroid scanning not being possible.
  • Fixed missing text localization in several places.
  • Fixed missing German station announcements and other voiced lines.
  • Fixed a case of ships having no collision detection.
  • Fixed ships skipping collision avoidance in certain situations.
  • Fixed most cases of clipping through docking bay floors when docking.
  • Fixed a case of the player ship warping to an invalid location on undocking.
  • Fixed more cases of the player ship warping around (e.g. after taking control).
  • Fixed crash when installing broken equipment mods.
  • Fixed occasional unrecoverable freezes.
  • Fixed several other causes of rare crashes.

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I have a tip for anyone playing this that may not be too obvious :

During the main quest, you may have need to swap pilots around between ships. I had the starter ship and one I bought, so (without giving any spoilers) it will become apparent why swapping is required if you are in the same situation.

To move crew around between two ships, they both need to be docked on the same station. Whats not so obvious is how to get the second ship to dock if its following you around in Defence mode as a wing man.

If you are sat in the pilot seat of one ship, you cant order the second ship to dock. If you get up, you cant order the second ship to dock ..

If you get out of the ship, and stand on the dock, you can then access the map, right click the wing man, and now you will have the option to "Dock at my location".

Now because both ships are docked, the crew / pilots can be changed about. But also note the ships have to be on the dock, and not stowed inside the station, if they become stowed you need to summon them both back up onto the dock again.

I've made a post for Egosofts attention that this is not really obvious if you dont accidently walk onto the dock and find out about the suddenly available extra command for the remote guidance of the ship. The whole part of this mission is a bit of a puzzle to solve, as is a lot of mission stages in Egosoft games which is part of the attraction of them, they make you think in some cases to achieve the aim. But this needed to be accidently found which I dont think ought to be part of the overall puzzle.


Edit : Apparently there is a command "Dock at .." which I must have missed, will check it out when I get home later. I think I probably need new glasses :P

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