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Weird LOOT glitch? Dirty Mods are clean?

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I'm using LOOT v 0.13.6 and I'm having a very specific issue with 2 mods, and only 2 mods. LOOT is telling me that Rigmor and Forgotten City need to be cleaned according to SSEEdit v 3.2.84 EXPERIMENTAL. I'm using SSEEdit 3.3.9 BETA and this version does not clean anything when I run those 2 mods through to clean them. I've done a search for SSEEdit 3.2.84 EXPERIMENTAL and can't find it anywhere. Why is a 4 day old version of LOOT citing an unavailable at least 3 versions old version of SSEEdit saying that these mods have dirty edits, when the most current version of SSEEdit says they are clean?

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