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Leveling Rate

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I'm trying to make a mod to slow my rate of leveling/experience gain.  I've looked at some of the mods out there as well as the Creation Kit - Game Settings, and there seem to be multiple settings that might accomplish this.  Can someone explain the difference between:

-fDiffMultEXPTN (for normal difficulty and is set to 1), fDiffMultEXPTSV (for Survival difficulty and is set to 2), etc


-fXPModBase (set to 1.000) and fXPModMult (set to 0.0300)


I've searched for Creation Engine Game Settings and can't find any documentation.  I've used FO4 Edit to examine some of the mods out there and one mod for Survival Mode uses the DiffMult setting; while a mod called Experience Multiplier uses the fXPModBase setting. 

Any information you can provide is appreciated.

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Just a very quick and incomplete answer: I have made myself a mod for Fallout 3, which I am using, to slow down level gain, because if you want to do all the side quests your level grows too fast, especially if you play the addons.

I found this page, where things in Fallout 4 are explained: Page about Leveling and other things in FO4

The formula seems to be: XP_needed_for_next_level = 75 * (Current_level - 1) + 200. This means in level 1 you need 200 XP to reach level 2.

In FO3 the names of the two variables were: XPBase (would be 200 in the above formula) and XPBumPBase (would be 75 in above formula).

Therefore: XP_needed_for_next_level = XPBumpBase * (Current_level - 1) + XPBase.

To slow down leveling you just need to change XPBumpBase, i.e. change 75 to a lower value. I recommend that you use an Excel Sheet to see the differences. The page above contains a table with the XP values you need in the vanilla game.

The mod is very simple, because you just need to change the variable XPBumpBase. It may be, that they renamed the variables, just look at the games global variables. If you change just the correct variable and save this to a mod, you have a very small mod which does what you want.

The variables you mention in your question do not look like the variables you need to change, btw. The first set looks like a variable to change XP values you receive (a multiplicator), the second set looks like some other XP value modification. I would not fiddle around with this.

Try to find the two variables I mentioned (no idea if they still have the same name), and change one of them. And use the excel sheet to calculate the values and compare them, because it is very frustrating if you then endlessly hang in one level...

Hope this helps

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Thanks Lonewanderer!!  I found iXPBase and iXPBumpBase (values of 200 and 75, respectively) in Game Settings.  So if these settings determine the experience pts needed to get to the next level, then I suspect the variables I mentioned above relate to the experience awarded from quests and other activities.  I found comments in Nexus Mods that fDiffMultEXPT affects experience awarded, but does not affect  quest experience.  Another setting (likely fXPModBase) controls quest experience awarded and is not affected by difficulty setting.

So, yes, I'll take your suggestion and use a spreadsheet to change the values you suggested.

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